Harrison Elfsong

Human bard with a penchant for adventure.


A 5 ft tall, 110 lb. drink of water. No woman is safe from the gaze of his beautifully sullen green eyes accentuated by his noticeable bushy black brow. He wears his shoulder length black hair in a single braid extending down his back. This young minstrel will usually be found in delicately crafted elven leather, adorned with fancy elvish garb so he can blend in with his newly found wood elf family whilst also being prepared for battle at a moments notice. At his disposal is a trusty rapier and crossbow for when charming the opposition is out of the equation. The tools of his trade include mandolins, viols, and flutes. All of which he plays at the highest of skill. His most prized possession is Ira’Loch, an oaken mandolin inscribed with magical runes that was past down to him through Damon Oakheart. From these instruments you’ll hear chilling tales of bravery and courage as he sings passionately of heroism and adventure.


Harrison Elfsong, more commonly known as “Scribe” by his peers is the son of a retired military man from Davin’s Holdfast. He spent most of his youth dreaming and song writing. When he earned enough money performing for the folks that came through the town he decided it was time to leave the nest and seek out a mentor.

He found a man by the name of Tybalt, a pudgey bald wrinkly old man. He was arrogant, but what he lacked in social grace was made up for in wit and charm, or maybe it was cunning buffoonery. He taught Harrison to how to be a “better” person, and a better artist. In the process he was also taught how to speak high elf, he thought maybe this language would help in the channeling of the arcane, but thus far has seemed pretty unhelpful. After four years Tybalt past away and it was time for Harrison to move on with his new skill.

Harrison would later be called upon by George Clooney Greywall to accompany Captain Sparlock and Mahir to solve the mystery that would bring him closer to Lord Damen Oakheart of the wood elves.

Narrowly saving Lord Oakheart’s daughter from the vile Ashari Warlocks, Harrison and his companions would then attend the worst festival they had ever attended. After a bout of drunked elfsd stupor Harrison found out how bad of an idea it would be to throw up on a noble woman. Banished to the shadow realm went both Sparlock and Harrison, only to be met by Mahir who for some reason thought it was necessary to come save us. We found our way through, bruised and scraped but not dead.

After essentially escaping from hell, he and his companions ended up in another sort of hell. Necromancers and raiders working side by side to destroy the wood elves. In and effort to protect the walls of Woodhearst, Harrison and his companions managed to form a spear head of champions to run down the heart of the undead horde and win the battle, with a little help from the elven queen of fangs ofcourse. For his efforts thus far he was awarded the beautiful rich oaken mandolin named Ira’Loch. Because of his past deeds Harrison decided to pledge his loyalty to Damon Oakheart and adopted the name of Elfsong, leaving his Kerivellian name behind.

Harrison Elfsong

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