Sariel Orthiri

Companion of the first party. Platinum haired warrior, and heir to the Orthiri clan.


A young wood-elven woman, Sariel has striking platinum hair, and bright blue eyes. Fairly tall, she has a body that speaks of her martial interest, but belies none of the scars one would expect of a seasoned warrior.

The eldest daughter of Erador Orthiri, Sariel is one of the prospective heirs to one of the oldest warrior legacies to ever grace Kerivel. Originally of a bright and cheery disposition, Sariel was originally under the magical tutelage of the wandering exile Mahir, before conniving her way into the company of Sparlock and Harrison. Obsessed with the tall tales of old, and the glory of battle and adventure, Sariel started with romantic visions of her future in company of great soldiers. Quickly however, her delusions are being unraveled.


Sariel Orthiri

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