Human Paladin of the Seeker from Greywall


A large, rugged man standing at 6 feet tall with long cool brown hair and grey eyes. A friendly, newly grown out beard adorns his chin. His plate armor shines with newly polished steel and maroon cloths wrapping his waist and neck for comfort and accent. His old Greywall crest is torn and inserted into his belt as a tabbard. By his hip a, morningstar with ominous red runes on the head and creeping down the handle. On his arm a large shield from the undead siege of Woodhaerst. This was the Sparlock of old, however most have forgotten what he looks like.



Captain Marcellous Sparlock of the 2nd Giantsbane Division of the Greywall Army. He was a soldier and paladin of vengeance for most of his young life, devoted to stomping out the Ozryn raiders that come attacking his home city every winter. That was until the call from Sir Clooney Greywall to join Mahir, and Harrison in Investigating how the Ozryns were raiding the along the River Gnarl.

Along the way Sparlocks reckless nature got the better of him and his god of vengeance abandoned him (Citation Needed). In his godless and vulnerable state he was seduced by the wanderer Mahir to join his master. After realizing the error he made Sparlock sought out a new pantheon in Leoncourt. Captian Sparlock found a mysterious priest in a small exotic church that was able to “realign” sparlock to the righteous path.

Sparlock has since given up his old militaristic ways in favor of his newfound mysterious religion of Knowledge and Compassion.

Sparlock was at the epicenter of a great war between good and evil decades ago, which ended with him sacrificing himself to save the world, and for some time, long ago, he was lost. But has returned…


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