Varosa Talenvorn

Silver haired bastard of the Talenvorn family, and the legendary Queen of Fangs.


A rather tall, elven noble, Varosa Talenvorn is better known as the Queen of Fangs, and is a famous ex-adventurer, soldier and bastard. Adorned in traditional Talenvorn armor, and draped by wolf pelts, Varosa cuts not the figure of a lady, but a warrior. Bearing herself with pride and a somewhat mysterious air, Varosa makes trouble for her noble family with her reputation and her actions, being given to unpredictable desires and sometimes violent outbursts. Though she is the shame of her family, Varosa is the subject of many songs and stories from her time as an adventurer.


In the very first war of the Blades, Lord Varigos Talenvorn left home to fight the Kensei threat, bidding his pregnant wife Anwen behind. Almost two years later, lord Varigos returned with a child a little more than a year old, the product of a union with someone as of yet unknown. The child was Varosa, who despite her bastardy, was raised with affection by lady Anwen. Despite this, Varosa wasn’t treated kindly by the Elven court, nor was she given much respect by the common folk. As such, at only 30 years of age (very young for an elf), Varosa left the deepwood entirely, and started her life as an adventurer.

The next centuries of Varosa’s life were as follows: engage in an exciting, song-worthy adventure, like the Battle for Dead Man’s Strait or the journey into the serpent sea, then retire for awhile, get bored, and adventure all over again. Varosa, despite being rich and storied, eventually gets taken by wanderlust, and leaves to further cement her legacy.

Some well known exploits of hers are as follows:

The Battle for the Dead Lands:

The Dead Lands weren’t always so dead. Perhaps 80 years ago, they were a series of ordinary islands, inhabited by a reclusive and xenophobic set of natives. Varosa had been pursuing a bandit lord across Kensei for the better part of two months, when the bandit did something reckless, and fled out from a port towards the island chains. To history, the resultant storm could be seen and heard from as far off as Ozryn, the destruction pouring over onto Kensei— and the reason they no longer have any Western port cities. Nobody exactly knows what happened on the island, only that Varosa Talenvorn was the only member of the expedition to return alive, that the islands had been shattered into smaller pieces, and that a powerful curse now gripped what was to be known as the dead lands.

The Quest for the Sea Queen’s Soul:

Asharii has always had an interested in the luxurious. Silks from Kensei, slaves from Ozryn and Aramore, prostitutes from everywhere, and a penchant for the kinds of things that could never grow in the barren deserts or stifling oases. Nothing, however, was as valuable as the Sea Queen’s Soul. A Sea Sapphire of unprecedented size, the Sea Queen’s soul glowed so brightly that it could light up a room in the darkness. The gem was also rumored to be cursed, however. The vessel that discovered it was sunk, and the gem seized by a set of Sirens, who spirited it away to their ocean castle. No less than three Asharii sultans heard of the gem’s magnificence, and posted a bounty of a hundred thousand gold coins. The resulting race for the gem ended the lives of every foolhardy young mercenary on the continent, and just about every aspiring knight, as hundreds were lost at sea, or ripped apart by the inhabitants of the deep waters. Varosa Talenvorn, however, lead an expedition to retrieve the Sea Queen’s Soul. She and her crew bested the inhabitants of the deep waters, and reached the Siren’s ocean castle. The battle fought on the rocky island is sung about to this day. Returning to the continent, Varosa paid the crew that took her handsomely, helped bury the dead, and left for Asharii. The Asharii Sultan that offered the best price, however, took a liking to Varosa. And treachery. Varosa was captured by the Sultan, and for five days and nights, was his concubine. On the morning of the sixth day, the Sultan’s headless body was all that remained in his bedchamber, and Varosa returned to her home with her revenge and the Sea Queen’s Soul.

Varosa Talenvorn

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