Damon Oakheart

Lord of Woodhaerst, and incumbent king of the wood-elf vassal state within Kerivel.


A tall wood-elf with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, Lord Oakheart is missing just over half of his lower jaw. Dressed in the dark, forest green and deep brown of his crest, his finery is marked by the gold embroidery on his cloak and tunic. He carries a long blade, and is well able to use it. Despite his eons old age, he is prone to fits of passion unbecoming of a lord.


As King of the Deepwood, Oakheart is the elected monarch of the wood-elves, politically representing the will of the three clans: Cildri, Talenvorn and Aeilrath. The Oakheart clan has ruled for thousands of years. He has three children by his deceased wife (who as of yet, remains unknown). The first is his son Arkanon, and the second his daughter Maribel. The other is as of yet unmentioned.

Like the three major clans, Oakheart’s line can be traced to the Eldari, or “Unbroken” elves. Of the first generation to become wood elves, his blood is pure. The position of Monarch is an odd one for the Wood Elves. Though technically an elected position, the election was held over an eon ago, by the elves that would become two very different factions of elves, and lived far removed from the troubles of the current age. The power balance between Oakheart and the three clans is a tenuous one, and though he is their ‘King’, he serves more as their voice, and the leader of a coalition, rather than holding an absolute power.

Throughout his interactions with the party, Oakheart has shown a propensity for being less than forgiving, lashing out in anger at the bard Harrison, and doing nothing to stop his exile in punishment. Likewise, he has a bigoted side, not harboring an orc, despite no accusations being leveled at him. Though he is harsh, Oakheart isn’t unkind to his subjects.

Living in the north of Kerivel, Oakheart is possessed of a martial aspect, and is never seen without his sword. As speech has become relatively impossible, all of his words are passed through sign with his trusted interpreter and advisor.

Damon Oakheart

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